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Help us to create

 a picture of a world with more future.

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2st Clean it Like Greek ECO Forum

September 2023

Aerial drone top down photo of tradition
DATE : Year 1 After Covid 
LOCATION : Greece & Greek Polynesia
Make Greece the cleanest country on the Planet

We have a dream to make Greece cleanest country in the world!

An amazing piece of the planet with incredible beauties , original character , huge history , locals from a sweet kid fairytale and colors from our biggest desires.

Be part of the dream and put maximum level in our power

Coffee in Nature

Think out of the box and create ... the next Life box 

DATE : Year 1 After Covid
LOCATION : Planet Earth
Dream and Act with us for a better world
dream concept, beautiful young woman on

We are dreaming of a world and planet with better conditions.
A planet more pleasant for humans to live and societies more responsible to care about fair, clean and healthy living.
The enjoyable surviving of the Planet and Humanity are totally connected together.
Our priority is to run actions for caring about the Environment, Animal protection, to eliminate Racism
and missing Education and to help societies be fairer and healthier.
If your dreams are pretty and big, join us.

We are organizing Actions

in sensitive areas.
We are cleaning beaches,

mountains and forests.
We are inspiring, encouraging and training kids, groups of people and small societies to care and act about the Environment

in a modern enjoyable way.
We plan to cooperate with Tourist organizations and Companies, Greeks and Greek lovers from all over the world, to run the project
Clean it like the Greek,

and rise an Ecological and Philhellenism movement about cleaning the environment and act together to make Greece the cleanest country on the planet. 
We will provide trash bags and working gloves for FREE to any ecologist groups who need them.
We are running the modern program

for our lovely senior citizens, Grey is the new Green, with activities and actions custom for retired people.
We are running customized Support actions for Covid-19 victims.
We have priority and we plan to act

to help weak minorities and kids

have a decent life.

We are doing a lot and together we will do much more!

All for All we can do More.




No Racism

ecoTourism & Fun 



Clean it like Greek

Kids Care


Grey is the new Green

We never stop

Better world with actions

We are investing  in the power of the healthy mindset part of Hummanity.

We love  Planet Earth & we are investing in the power of the healthy mindset part of Humanity. We love Planet Earth and we want to continue to live as the human race with more safety and pleasure

in our home place.

Let’s try to protect and care for the Planet, the healthy rules in Societies, the Animals and all the gifts that we took from Nature.

Together, we can avoid seeing a desert future and even make the future better.


We want you all. We need you all.

All for All we can do more.

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