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Help us to create

 a picture of a world with better future

Forest Trees

Save the Planet

Hand Pile of Happy Group

Hummanity& Minorities

Aerial drone top down photo of tradition

Clean it like Greek

Couple of Kangaroos

Save the Animals

Protective Face Mask

Covid - 19 Victims

Thinking of Ideas

Tell us our next action


Clean Mountains & Reforestation


Feeding Spots

feeding cats.jpg

Planning to create Feeding Spots for stray animals. Volunteers will feed them and AQUAHELP will provide the food for FREE


Care of the Kids in the Caribbean

kids dominican.jpg

First stop: Dominican Rebublic


Support e-mail for Covid victims

People with Masks

Cleaning Greece


TARGET 2021-2024: To make all together,  Greeks & Greeklovers , the garden of the gods the cleanest country in the World


What NEXT?

Light Bulb

Tell us the next idea that will make the world to shine more !

Thank you ! Your idea is planted!

After Yoga

Grey is the new


You are precious

At AQUAHELP Foundation, we believe in the value of our senior members.
All our active senior ecoHEROES have a special place in our plans.
We need your experience, your ideas, your opinions, your critical thinking.
You are precious to us!

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