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Make Greece the most clean country in the world

We have a dream to make Greece the cleanest country in the world!

An amazing piece of the planet with incredible beauties,

original character, huge tradition and history,

locals from a sweet kid fairytale and colors from our biggest desires.

Let’s make it together.

We will support our dream with workers of AQUAHELP,

Environmental groups, Nature-friendly organizations

and independent Volunteers who can see with a smile

the result of our target.
From the Summer of 2021, we will organize actions

to clean beaches, forests and mountains all over Greece.
Our program has a 3-year plan to multiply the actions
every year

and finally make Greece the cleaner diamond in the world.

Your Support will give us the power to make the difference

to make the dream come true through real actions.

Because together we can make the World better… All for All we can do more ;) 

Kastellorizo Island, Greece - Greek Polynesia

19 & 20 of June we are cleaning in Kastellorizo Island

The famous "Grande Grotta" in Kalymnos i

29th of June we are cleaning in Kalymnos Island

Kos town at Kos island - Greece & Greek

06th of July we are cleaning in Kos Island

Arkoi island - Greece & Greek Polynesia

10th of July we are cleaning in Arkoi Island with special super ecoHERO the 1 student of the elementary school of the island. His power is bigger that all of ours and we need him!

Crete Island & view of  Elafonisi Beach

15 until 20 of July we are cleaning in Crete Island

Rhodes Island,Elli Beach - Greek Polynesia

25 & 26 of July we are cleaning Rhodes Island

Voidokoilia Beach - Navarino Bay ,Pelos Area - Greece Mainland

04th of August we are cleaning in Navarino Bay

Pelio Area & Skiathos Island - Magnisia , Greece & Greek Polynesia

08 & 10 of August we are cleaning in Pelio Area & Skiathos Island

Assos village in Kefalonia, Greece

12th of August we are cleaning in Assos Village in Kefallonia Island

Corfu ,Porto Timoni,

16th of August we are cleaning Porto Timoni in Kerkyra Island

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