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Be a part and member of the AQUAHELP Foundation.

If you are a Yacht Owner,Yachting Company or Captain and you are enjoying the sea and the beaches all over the world when they are clean, you have the opportunity to add your power and ecological print by supporting ecoYACHT. For a symbolic amount as your support, we will add you as an active ecoYACHT and we will display your GPS sign location on the map of ecoYACHTS above.
Together, we will maximize our activities for a long-lasting clean sea.
We will provide you for FREE with 50 big ecological trash bags for the rubbish of your Yacht or Company, a unique pass in your name and with the details of your support that you can add to your mobile wallet, get informed about news and activities in real time, be officially recognized as an AQUAHELP ecoYACHT supporter and always carry with you one more reason to feel proud.
Also, you will be part for FREE of the big celebration fun party that we will do every year in different places in the world.
Because to help the planet to be better must be pleasurable and fun ;)
For the party of 2021, we will have fun together on an amazing Greek island.

If your dreams are pretty and big, we are waiting for you onboard! 

_Green Yacht Certificate_ Final.png

Welcome to the sea of ecoYACHT.

Your power is important & precious to us.

We are counting on you  

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